E-tool for obesity

Achieving a healthy weight and keeping it proves to be a challenge for many. Changing behaviour is essential, but that’s easier said than done.


As it turns out, the support and care available to help obese people make lifestyle changes are mostly based on standard diet and exercise advice: ‘Get moving, eat less.’ But what’s keeping people from adopting a healthier lifestyle often has a different cause. It can be anything from stress, to a lack of health-sustaining skills, a lack of inhibition control, cultural and pedagogical factors, broken sleep and medication that stimulates appetite. Biological factors such as a genetic predisposition, hormonal disorders or a slow metabolism may also play a part in gaining weight. Because of that, treating obesity is very complex. To develop any type of custom treatment it’s important to first find out for whom different types of treatment are effective.

The Dutch Centre for Healthy Weight (CGG) aims to implement an E-health tool based on new technology, in order to provide both caregivers and patients with tailor-made advice as to which approach has the best chance of success. 

Via the Elisabeth Foundation - a Fund in Name - a financial contribution will be made to develop a tool to combat obesity.

Every donation counts. That's why we're reaching out to our whole community to realize our goals. 
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