Fostering inclusive prosperity

Erasmus University Rotterdam aims to tackle the grand societal challenge of fostering inclusive prosperity: fair and sustainable for all people across the globe. Our research is cross disciplinary. We combine methods, concepts and theories from management studies, law and philosophy. Real-world challenges spur our research, not just theoretical problems. That's why we are building a diverse community of people and organisations in government, business and civil society that seeks solutions that provide and sustain a better life for all.


“How can we enable as many people as possible to benefit from growing prosperity in a sustainable way?”

Our endeavour to generate economic growth is accompanied by negative side effects such as global warming, violent conflicts, inequality and modern slavery. International politics, the rise of non-governmental interest groups and the digital revolution add further dynamism and give rise to several intriguing questions. How can entrepreneurship and economic activities drive sustainability and fairness? What disruptive technologies can become a force for positive change? How can financial systems become drivers for inclusive prosperity?

Every donation counts. That's why we're reaching out to our whole community to realize our goals. 
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