Student support

Students are the backbone of Erasmus University. Some of them may be in need of financial support, due to a variety of causes. To help students make the most of their education, Erasmus University supports them in various ways. Together we aim to offer highly motivated, outstanding students a chance to excel during their studies, regardless of their background or financial assets.


An international approach is important to Erasmus University. Attracting international students and enabling native students to visit universities abroad remain priorities. Each year, more and more international students enroll at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Our international standing as well as the city of Rotterdam’s great reputation contribute to this success. Erasmus University wants to attract foreign and Dutch talents in equal measure, because we believe students getting exposed to new and different perspectives advances the quality of our education and research.

Some of the international students lack sufficient resources to fund their studies. Erasmus University offers scholarships to those who qualify. We also provide students who experience hardship during their studies with the financial backup to get through.

A concept vital to Erasmus University is to see students develop into fully-fledged world citizens who are duly prepared to engage with an international and intercultural labour market. Erasmus Trustfonds and Erasmus University Rotterdam strongly encourage students to take part in exchange programs. To some native students, this may not appear feasible. Going abroad can be a big leap, especially for first-generation students. Financial limitations or obligations towards family and/or an employer may prevent them from moving away for an extended period of time. The University is always looking for ways to provide these students with the opportunity to gain experience abroad. Summer school may be a good alternative, as it takes place during the summer holidays.

Every donation counts. That's why we're reaching out to our whole community to realize our goals. 
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Sonja Nollen-Smith