Coronavirus Research Fund at Erasmus Medical Center

Right now, doctors and medical researchers at Erasmus MC are working to fight COVID-19. With your support, we might be able to give doctors everywhere a new tool to help seriously ill patients.

Working together with the Sanquin blood bank, a new study can find out if the antibodies of patients who have suffered from the disease can be used as a medicine for seriously ill corona patients.

The researchers don’t yet know whether this treatment is actually effective, but the only way to know whether it works or not is well-designed scientific research. If the research shows that the administration of antibodies works, this could be incredibly important for corona patients.

The study has been approved by Erasmus MC's Medical Ethics Committee. At this moment, the first patients who have experienced the virus have been approached. If the money comes together quickly, the investigation can proceed without delay – your donations can help to save lives.

Why do we need this money?

Your money can help to pay for equipment, supplies, and the employees who supervise plasma donors and researchers.