Your donation

Potential Tax Benefit

Erasmus University Rotterdam has been recognized as a Public Benefit Institution (PBI/ANBI) and enjoys a tax-exempt status with regards to donations and estate bequests, meaning any amount you donate will fully benefit the project of your choice.  

When donating to a PBI such as Erasmus University Rotterdam, tax deductions may be available. The website offers calculation tools and additional information to help you find out which percentage applies to your particular situation. 

Prove of payment such as a bank statement is required by tax authorities. Any time you donate a substantial amount we will draw up a donation agreement, which qualifies as legal proof to tax authorities.

If you are considering making a financial contribution from abroad and wish to find out more about tax benefits available through your local tax authorities, please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Dutch tax authorities only consider financial contributions to be donations as long as no reciprocity is involved. If you make a donation to a specific research project on conditional terms, this qualifies as contract research, not a donation.